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Sweep Gas Regulator | Simple in Form and Function

The purpose of this regulator is to step down the pressure in a Nitrogen or Argon bottle so it can be safely used as a gas source as an input into standard vacuum or mass flow controller valves.
This solution works nicely for mass flow, our Vac Stable valve, our SNAP controller or our Concerto control manifold system.  If backfilling or bleeding in room air isn’t sufficient, our Regulator can be used  instead; a cleaner ,dryer, or more specific gas is needed, this regulator can be a great solution.
It also is less complex than other regulators and will lead to less user error.  In a more complex regulator assembly, a user can accidently turn the wrong knob, overpressure the device attached to the regulator potentially causing harm to expensive valves and systems.

Don’t Worry  with Sweeping Gas Regulator 

Each one is individually assembled and tested:
  •  The outlet pressure is set to 1 to 1.5 PSI and locked
  •  A stripe of paint is set so you know where 1 PSI should be
  •  Tested with actual vac stable valve
  •  Include a quick start
  •  Packaged and ship

 Regulator Resources  


Quick Start Operation Manual 

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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sweep gas regulator
Sweep Gas Regulator | Regulator for Vac Stable, SNAP and Concerto input