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The Benefits of Using a Vacuum Regulator

The Benefits of Using a Vacuum Regulator

If you’re in the business of using vacuum, whether you’re in the medical field, use it for industrial liquid flow, or are simulating altitude, you know how important it is to be as accurate and precise as possible. Trying to do this manually can lead to less-than-perfect results and, in many of these industries, that just won’t cut it. That is where a vacuum regulator comes in to maintain the right vacuum better than any human could. We’re going to go over the benefits of using a vacuum regulator so you can see how useful they can really be.

Simple To Use

Compared to single manually controlled valves, a vacuum regulator is much easier to use. All you need to do is set the vacuum point you need in your environment, and the regulator takes care of the rest. The real benefit of using a vacuum regulator is how much it simplifies the process, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can simply focus on other aspects that need your attention, safe in the knowledge that your vacuum is being automatically regulated. If something goes amiss, you we offer touchscreen control to allow you to quickly go to full vac or isolate your pump to change your process nearly instantly.

Minimizes Gas Flow

If you have multiple processes that share the same vacuum supply, a regulator is a must-have to ensure everything works efficiently. With a shared house vacuum, one vacuum load may change the pressure level for all the systems or chambers that are connected to it. Without a reliable vacuum regulator in place, a variation of pressures can adversely affect your experiments. The more you can stabilize the system through the use of an automatic regulator, the more accurate your results will be. For example, we offer vacuum regulators like the Model 450, VPC and SNAP.


Vacuum controllers can be a safer solution for controlling vacuum because they are fast acting and can have safety features built in. For example, if a chemistry process gets agitated (think bumping during rotary evaporation), when you have a digital vacuum regulator installed you can simply push a button to open the vacuum and bam no more bumping. Avoiding losing valuable product or wasting valuable time from breaking the vacuum if you have to correct it with manual valves.

Increases Pump Longevity

The less often you need to replace your vacuum pump, the better off you’ll be. That is why regulators play such an important role. Regulators can throttle vacuum control to increase the longevity of your pump. That pump isn’t going to do anyone any good if you abuse it by not using a regulator. Stay ahead of the game, and you will have far fewer headaches in the future. This has the added benefit of reducing electrical energy consumption, as the regulator only uses energy when it’s most needed.

DigiVac digital vacuum regulators can help you ensure your pumps run smoothly for a long time. If you are still unsure about how which vacuum regulator to choose, we invite you to contact us with questions. We appreciate customer dialog because it helps clarify which of our products can benefit them, and it helps us steer them to the optimal product for their needs.