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Need to clean your house? We can’t help you!

But DigiVac is all about everything else vacuum.  We pride ourselves on being an American manufacturing and design shop.

Our in-house engineers have been knocking out code and delivering innovative vacuum solutions since 1983. Our Products Include:

1. Digital Vacuum Gauges

  • Measuring in multiple units including micron, Torr, mTorr, mBar, kPa to name a few
  • Applications: freeze dryers, refrigeration systems, assembly lines, vacuum ovens, laboratory

2. Vacuum Pressure Controllers

  • Including: active gauges, manometers, laboratory grade controllers and more
  • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and Industrial vacuum processes

3. Vacuum Transmitters

  • The Model 215V is a vacuum gauge controller plus sensor that measures from Atmosphere down to 0.001 Torr and is CE compliant
  • Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs – a must have for interlock or load lock applications
  • We offer an Ethernet enabled option for telnet or web based web monitoring, graphing and logging

4. Calibration Services


Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Contact us with your vacuum instrumentation problem and we will work with you to solve it.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail, predictable lead times, and ability to respond quickly to customer urgency!

So if you need to monitor or control vacuum and not just clean your floors.