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DigiVac @ Space Tech Expo 2024: Long Beach, CA!

Earlier in May, DigiVac got to walk Space Tech Expo in Long Beach, California! It took place over the course of May 14 to May 15 and proved to be quite an interesting conference for us to attend! While there, we got to connect with some familiar names and faces. Read on for our full experience!

What is Space Tech Expo?

This expo is for those interested in space. That is, Space Tech is an exhibition/conference for the ever evolving and innovating industry that is space technology – from manufacturing showcases, testing services, component and systems engineering, and everything that has to do with spacecrafts, launches, and/or satellite programs.

Walking the Space Tech Floor

Some of the most recurring topics and products that came up were TVAC chambers, testing chambers, material science, and additive manufacturing. We also saw quite a few familiar names, such as Pfeiffer, Leybold, and Edwards.

There were also quite a handful of companies with a variety of products that piqued our interest. Mostly, we noticed there were a lot of vacuum sensor companies, as well as those that had valves for gas and fluids. Despite the many companies showcasing their sensors and valves, however, there was a distinct lack of vacuum controllers – even from companies we recognized that usually brought them to shows.

Despite not having a booth at Space Tech Expo, DigiVac still made some new friends and connections. Especially once the topic of what DigiVac can offer was brought up. A handful of those attending the expo were interested in DigiVac’s engineering capabilities, especially revolving around our recent work with freeze dryer control.

Aside from product talks, our DigiVac team member also reported quite a handful of fascinating and interactive exhibits located around the expo. Some examples of these interactive exhibits were of controllers for robots, materials that have been in space, a live view of a satellite, and a blown up “Space Tank” that was pressurized too much. This collection of the various stages of space exploration and innovation proved to be rather inspiring, especially given that DigiVac carries a handful of products that can assist in the process.


Overall, Space Tech Expo served to be a nifty experience for DigiVac. The overall enthusiasm and brilliance of those in attendance were palpable, especially with the shared goal of space exploration. It was decently busy on both days, with a good mix of different types of attendees. Additionally, over the course of the expo, DigiVac got to connect with both new and old friends alike – so it was a successful trip for us!

Wrapping up our overall experience, it was enlightening and quite the worthwhile experience. If given the chance, it would definitely be an appealing expo to attend as an exhibitor – perhaps with a more established foothold in space exploration and aerospace simulation.

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