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New Offer: StrataVac Convection-Pirani Gauge

The new convection pirani controllers from DigiVac are incredibly versatile. They are the newest convection-enhanced pirani entrant into the market, and add a host of features previously unavailable with the other convection pirani controller offers.

  • Ability to control 1, 2, or 3 convection-enhanced pirani sensors by a single instrument
  • Ability to combine multiple pirani gauges with wide range gauges or capacitance manometers
  • Native ability to control valves for vent, load lock and vacuum process control with the Convectron pirani sensor
  • Simple easy to use large 7” touch screen with graphing and large numbers to display sensor readings

Available Convection-Pirani sensors offered by DigiVac include:

  • MKS 275071 (1/8″ NPT and/or KF16)
  • Lesker (1/8″ NPT and/or KF25)

Available CMs or wide-range gauges offered by DigiVac include:

  • 1 Torr CM
  • 10 Torr CM
  • 1000 Torr CM
  • Cold Cathode Pirani (CCPG)

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