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Vacuum Pumps

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  • Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland 19 Pump Oil | Lower Vapor Pressure Mechanical Vacuum Pump Oil | 1 Gallon



    Inland 19 pump oil is cost-effective in applications like mass spectrometers, processing, and freeze dryers. Yields improved pumping cycles and cleaner vacuum systems. Providing the least backstreaming, it is particularly well suited for use with the high grade diffusion pump fluids, such as the polyphenyl ethers, silicones, and ester-based fluids.


    • Vapor Pressure at 25 °C: 1 x 10-5 Torr
    • Boiling Point at .01 Torr: 112 °C (234 degrees F)
    • Viscosity at 40 °C: 55 cst (251 SUS)

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