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The Alcatel Exhaust Filter Kit is an all in one vacuum pump filter kit. Vacuum pumps are widely used for mass spectrometers and other vacuum equipment and can be a major source of indoor air contamination. It is recommended that vacuum pumps be vented outside the room or to a laboratory exhaust hood. However this is not always practical.

  • Air contamination by vacuum pumps originates from pump oils and oil contamination. Eventually these organics are exhausted from the pump into the laboratory air. These chemicals can present a serious environmental health problem in the laboratory
  • The All-In-One Alcatel Pump Exhaust Filter Kit is effective for removing volatile and semi-volatile organics from exhaust of vacuum pumps and helping maintain a safe environment. Without any exhaust filters, organic contaminant’s from the pump oil and hydrocarbons from the pump oil exhausted out of the vacuum pump
  • During initial pump down or when using the gas ballast valve, oil vapors exhaust from the vacuum pump. The oil mist eliminator (Stage 1) traps the heavy hydrocarbons in this exhaust
  • The charcoal trap (Stage 2) absorbs and traps the volatile and semi-volatile organics from the pump exhaust and prevents these organics from entering the laboratory environment
  • It is recommended that both filters in the All-In-One be replaced on a regular basis
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Alcatel Exhaust Filter
Alcatel Exhaust Filter | All In One Vacuum Pump Filter Kit