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Bleed Valve

Bleed Valve for Vacuum Control



The VLC valve is a pliable vacuum control valve that has applications in the industrial and R&D fields


  • Soft design allows for ease of placement on manifolds
  • Used alongside a VLC card for accurate pressure measurements
  • Can be used with the Stratavac VLC to both measure and maintain a bleed

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Product Description

The DigiVac Bleed valve is a small flexible vacuum control valve that can be used to maintain pressures within a chamber.

It can be used with a StrataVac Bleed Set-up if both maintaining and measuring pressures is important.

Can be used for sweep gas applications in distillations.

Bleed Vacuum Control on the other hand is ideal in a shorter vacuum range (1 x 10-4 Torr to 10 Torr).

Bleed Vacuum Control works on the principle of introducing an artificial load into the system. The artificial load can be air, nitrogen, argon, steam or some other gas. The most reliable method is an inert gas bleed.

It is important to utilize a non-condensable vapor rather than a condensable vapor, such as steam, since this type of artificial load will condense in the pump.


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