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FYRA High Vacuum Gauge | Pirani & Capacitive Piezo

7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr | TriSENS Gauge

FYRA Vacuum Gauge Controller – DigiVac’s Latest Innovation

FYRA high vacuum gauge measures from 1000 Torr down to 7.5 x 10-6 Torr includes the TriSens transducer (sensor) a combined pirani, piezo & capacitance manometer. The DigiVac FYRA vacuum gauge controller is a digital vacuum control instrument that employs a 3.9” capacitive touch screen and includes a tactile knob to easily interact with the vacuum gauge functions.

Need vacuum control too? The FYRA gauge controller is modular and can be upgraded to include vacuum control.

TriSens | DPCP Quantum Sensor

The DigiVac TriSens DPCP Quantum Gauge is an ultra wide range vacuum sensor that combines the novel Quantum pirani with piezo technology to deliver a measurement range of 7.5 x 10 -6 to 1000 Torr. 0-10V output, RS232 and 1 relay included.

Sensor Details

The DPCP Quantum | TriSENS Vacuum Sensor establishes new standards with an all-in-one wide range measurement solution for a wide selection of vacuum applications. This transducer is an overall cost-effective solution with an ultra-wide 9 decade range that includes 5 decades of gas independent measurement. The Digivac TriSENS: Quantum Pirani, Capacitance, Piezo all-in-one gauge

With the combined usage of the ultra wide range TriSENS DPCP and FYRA you no longer will have to use multiple sensors to interpret the process and data.

  • The all-in-one ultra wide range vacuum sensor combines 3 vacuum technologies: the novel MEMS pirani, Capacitive (Capacitance Manometer) and Piezo technology to deliver a measurement range of 7.5 x 10 -6 to 1000 Torr.
  • The Digivac TriSENS Vacuum Sensor Delivers High Vacuum Measurement + Process Control + Overpressure Indication All in One
  • Accuracy Specifications: 1000 Torr to 5 Torr =  +/- 3% 4.99 Torr to 10-5 Torr = +/- 14% 10-5 to 10-6 Torr = +/- 50%
  • Deep & Wide Vacuum Measurement : Highly accurate direct pressure measurement down to 10 microns (.01 Torr) combined with high vacuum measurement down to 10-6

  • High Vacuum Gauge Measurement range:  7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr
  • Patent-pending Quantum Pirani that extends the measurable vacuum range by up to 3 decades combined with trusted rough vacuum piezo technology delivers a range of 9 decades. All at an attractive price point.
  • Contamination Containment: Integrated baffle helps protect sensor elements from particulate contamination and increase its longevity

  • Visual Process Indicator: Multi-color LEDs to indicate pressure range. Includes a bright yellow overpressure indicator to help you avoid system damage. This is very useful when not using a display controller

  • Ideal for Clean Processes: 1000 Torr down to 10-6 Torr with no ion gauge required. Includes integrated baffle to protect and extend life of sensor

High Vacuum Gauge Advantages

  • Deep & wide measuring range of 9 decades delivered by an all-in-one gauge that combines pirani,
    capacitance manometer, and piezo technology
  • 6 decades of gas independent measurement| 5×10-3 to 1333 mbar
  • Reliable solid-state relay for process control
  • 0-10V for PLC Input
  • LED Color Pressure Indicator
  • Robust ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauge
  • Mountable in any orientation without impact on performance

FYRA Pirani & Capacitive Piezo Vacuum Gauge | TriSENS High Vacuum Gauge Applications:

  • Mass spectrometers
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Furnace heat treatment
  • PVD coating of glass, optics, tools, etc.
  • Refrigeration service and manufacturing
  • Semiconductor processing
Measuring Range 1×10-5 to 1333 mbar (7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr)
Measuring principle 1×10-6 to 1×10-3 mbar MEMS Pirani thermal conductivity
Measuring principle 5×10-3 to 3.99 mbar Capacitance manometer
Measuring principle 6 to 1333 mbar MEMS piezo diaphragm
Measurement Accuracy (Torr)
From To Accuracy
7.5×10-6 7.5×10-5 50%
7.5×10-5 7.5×10-3 20%
7.5×10-3 1000 Torr 3%







Manual Data Sheet DV Cup Cheat Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, microns, millitorr, mmHg, Hectopascal
Control Range Ability to support 10-10 Torr – 1000 Torr
Dimensions 6.5″x6.5″x2.5″
Telemetry Options USB, Wifi, 0-10 volts Analog out, 0-10 volts Analog in
Sensor Support MKS Convectron: 275071 (1/8″ NPT), 275203 (KF16);   DigiVac: SEN-VGT500, SEN-775i, Quantum (SEN-DPP, SEN-DCP, SEN-DPCP);  Pfeiffer: PKR251, IKR251;   Agilent: FRG700, PCG-750, PCG700, 531, 536, 531 equivalent, or PVG 500;   Setra: 730 capacitance manometers;   Inficon: PSG500, PSG550, Porter, SKY, Stripe, MAG, MPG & MPG400
Valve Support Dinamo, VacStable (Bleed), Solenoid-type Bellows and Plunger, 24V valves that are less than 24 Watts

Learn more about specifications on the FYRA Data Sheet.

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FYRA High Vacuum Gauge
FYRA High Vacuum Gauge 7.5 x 10-6 to 1000 Torr | TriSENS Gauge, UL, CSA, CE