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The DigiVac Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge with Hastings DV-6M  Measures 1-2000 mTorr/microns. Portable medium vacuum diagnostic gauge with large LCD.

  • Ideal portable vacuum gauge for anybody needing to measure vacuum pressure with included Hastings DV-6M Thermocouple sensor
  • Rugged Gauge that operates on easily replaced D-Batteries
  • Perfect Hastings DV6m vacuum gauge for cryogenic servicing of vacuum jacketed pipe
  • Protective Case for Model 100H for field use, add this option
  • Every Model 100H is pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard. If you require NIST certification to come with your gauge, add this option

In the Cryogenic industry, we find that Hastings vacuum gauge thermocouple tubes are often found permanently mounted in cryogenic vessels. It  might make sense to have a battery operated Hastings DV6m vacuum gauge that enables you to walk along a cryogenic vessel, and measures the vacuum at that point. The range of interest is between 10 mTorr and 100 mTorr. Our most popular products for this application is the battery operated Model 100H portable vacuum gauge. It can be easily switched between milliTorr, uBar or PA pressure units on the fly. The 100H is a favorite for cryogenic applications where the Hastings gauge tube is often permanently mounted on pipes and vessels.

Flexibility of Application

  • The Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge operates by measuring the temperature rise of an electrically heated thermocouple exposed to a vacuum
  • As vacuum increases or, as absolute pressure decreases, fewer and fewer molecules of gas are available to cool the thermocouple. With fewer molecules, the air temperature rises and the thermocouple gauge thus senses the vacuum
  • A precision reference inside the Model 100H in conjunction  with an integrated circuit amplifier controls the electrical excitation of the sensor filament
  • In gauges that use Hastings tubes, a precision temperature compensated AC square wave oscillator is included in the electronics. The voltage response of the thermocouple is piped through a CPU and is translated to the current vacuum reading


User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide Application Note

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units millitorr, µbar and Pa
Control Range 1 – 2000 microns
Range with Accuracy 1 – 2000 microns
Sensor Type Hastings DV-6M
Dimensions 2.37″ high, 5.12″ wide, 5.25″ deep
Certifications CE

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100H Portable Vacuum Gauge
Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge with Hastings DV-6M