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Model 450 With Stainless Steel Housing
Model 450 Stainless

Stainless Vacuum Regulator | Model 450 | Vacuum Controller for Corrosive Environments



The Model 450 Vacuum Controller measures 1  to 760 Torr and includes a proportional valve for vacuum regulation. Premium stainless-steel vacuum path to support use in corrosive or volatile applications.


  • Super simple to use: just dial in your vacuum set point
  • Maximizes pump down speed and uses throttle vacuum control to increase pump longevity
  • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and industrial vacuum processes
  • Stainless steel valve and vacuum path for corrosive or hostile applications


Docklight Script to remotely control the model 450

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Product Description

Self-contained, stainless vacuum regulator for measurement and control. Ideal for process automation in corrosive environments.

Stainless Vacuum Regulator | Simple in Form and Function

  • Works in conjunction with a precision isolated transducer and a proportional solenoid valve to measure and control vacuum
  • Has a bleed valve that adds bleed control from atmospheric air, or customer supplied gas

Maximizes Pump-Down Speed

  • Designed with a much larger bore (9/32″) proportional valve (compared to alternatives) that allows the controller to make precise changes in vacuum flow to achieve a very stable vacuum level
  • Microprocessor runs an intelligent algorithm drives a proportional valve using a PWM technique, which allows precise positioning of valve without developing excessive heat or generating EMI (electromagnetic interference)
  • Constantly monitors system pressure and readjusts valve orifice to maintain desired target pressure, even in vessels with dynamic gas loads or changing set-points

Don’t Worry | Automate

  • Reads current system vacuum via an isolated transducer, and compares that reading to the desired vacuum set-point
  • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and Industrial vacuum processes where repeatability can be translated into better experiments or product yield

Increase Pump Longevity

  • Its utilizes the downstream vacuum control method (throttling the pump) which increases pump longevity by keeping the pump operating closer to its base vacuum pressure
  • It is super simple to use: simply dial in the pressure to be maintained and it takes care of the rest

Accuracy | +/- 2 Torr  1-760 Torr



Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 15 x 12 x 10 in


Vacuum Reference






Total Range

1 – 760 Torr

Range with Accuracy

5 – 760 Torr

Sensor Type




Panel Mount





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    • Super simple to use: just dial in your vacuum set point
    • Utilizes downstream vacuum control which increases pump longevity
    • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and industrial vacuum processes

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