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Vacuum Data Logging Dongle

The Bullseye Bluetooth family of gauges have been the go – to gauge for vacuum system maintenance, validation and distillation monitoring.  Since its inception, it has always had the ability to log data to an apple or android based phone or tablet.  It also has the ability through an android device to log data to our cloud service.  Recently we have been getting additional inquiries to create a very simple way for our versatile Bullseye gauge series to log data to a PC.

Use your favorite terminal emulator to connect to the Arrow our Bluetooth dongle, and then you can log and save vacuum data in whatever format your terminal emulator uses.  Attached is what putty logging looks like, and instructions on how to get started.
You can certainly write your driver, or build on this one.  But this is an easy way to get started.


The Arrow  works with the DigiVac Bluetooth Bullseye, Piezo or DASH gauges.

 Logging Software Features

1. Logs time vs. vacuum to a local file on the computer
2. Data is logged to a .csv file that can easily be uploaded to excel and analyzed

Paired with Target Tracker, it will steam the information into data logging graphic easy to use with the Bluetooth bullseye gauges.


  • Logging a vacuum data to establish a pumpdown curve to assess vacuum pump health when compared to a baseline
  • Log vacuum process data for chemical research to track off gassing and virtual leaks.



Using the Vacuum Data Logging Software is simple. 

After downloading PuTTY to your desktop (, Follow our Quick Start to get you Logging.

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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