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The Bullseye Precision Gauge Piezo is a Vacuum/PSI Bluetooth Gauge that provides highly accurate and reliable vacuum reading from 20 Torr to 85 PSIG and allows for remote monitoring of your pressure readings.

  • Visual Graphing: Patented digital graphing capabilities (Pumpdown graph, Autoscaling line graph, and bar graph)
  • Remote Monitoring: Enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting | Transmits vacuum information to cell phones or tablets via Bluetooth | Versatile digital rough vacuum gauge that you can monitor right from your phone or tablet (Apple ios and android) | Set low and high alarm from your phone
  • Data Capture: Communicates with the DigiVac Cloud so you can view your vacuum process and record your data | Email vacuum data for documentation or transmit vacuum data directly to the DigiVac Cloud
  • CE, CSA, UL, and RoHS

Portable and Precise 

  • Bluetooth Bullseye Piezo | Vacuum/PSI Bluetooth Gauge with hermetically sealed isolated stainless steel sensor that is ideal for applications where more precise measurement of vacuum and pressure is necessary
  • Includes a powerful magnet and kickstand to enable hands-free operation
  • Long battery life and versatility with 12 different measuring units (micron, Torr, Inches of Hg, kPa, Inches of H20, millitorr, mbar, Pa, PSIA, mm of Hg, bar, and mm of H2O)
  • Calibrated under actual vacuum against a NIST standard (NIST certification with documentation is an available option)
  • Total range: 20 Torr to 85 PSIGSEN-775i-NPT-2.jpg
  • Most accurate range: 50 Torr to 85 PSIG
  • Accuracy: +/- 15 Torr   +/- 0.5 PSI

Graphing and Analysis

  • Patented vacuum graphing displays vacuum and time data
  • Visual graphing right on the display that identifies current system status
  • Vacuum Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends (Pump-down graph, auto-scaling line graph, and bar graph)
  • Digital display for quick determination of vacuum level

This gauges is also available in an option without Bluetooth. You can find it here


  • Rotary Evaporation
  • Schlenk line monitoring
  • Botanical oil processing
  • Extraction
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Vacuum Process Monitoring

Companion App

  • If you have an Android device with a Version 10+, please visit this app page to download the free app.
  • If you have an Android device with a Version under 10, or an Apple device, please visit this app page to download the free app.
  • The Bullseye PC Logger dongle The Arrow enables any bluetooth Bullseye gauge (Original Bullseye, Piezo or DASH) to log data directly to a PC over a wireless bluetooth connection.
  • Target Tracker: Allows users to seamlessly capture, view and record their system performance in real time. Transmits the Bullseye’s information directly to your desktop when paired with the Arrow.

The Bullseye Precision Gauge Piezo uses a Vac2PSI isolated sensor, has 12 measurement units, including inches of mercury, and is capable of transmitting vacuum data directly to the DigiVac Cloud.


User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide Bullseye App Manual

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa
Control Range 20 Torr to 85 PSIG
Range with Accuracy 20 Torr to 85 PSIG (+/- 15 Torr)
Sensor Type Piezoresistive
Dimensions 6.2”H x 3.7”W x 1.3”D
Certifications CE, CSA, UL, and RoHS

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Bullseye Piezo | Vacuum to PSI Bluetooth Gauge | UL, CSA, CE | 50 Torr to 85 PSIG