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Portable DigiVac DASH Catalyst Kit with Capacitance Manometer Gauge

The DASH Catalyst Kit contains our Portable DASH measurement instrument, Capacitance Manometer Gauges and fittings necessary to perform in-situ vacuum measurement and tool matching of your process equipment. It is a simple single-box tool kit designed as a quick solution for those who perform Tool matching of vacuum equipment on a routine basis. No longer track down to find the right individual fittings and sensors,  Grab your Catalyst Kit and be ready to go !

The Kit includes:

  • Bullseye DASH with Protective magnetic boot cover
  • RJ45 to DB15 Cable Adapter &  USB Power Adapter w/ Cable
  • 0.1 Torr Capacitance Manometer
    • The 0.1 Torr Capacitance manometer is used as a standard from 0.1 Torr to 5 x 10^(-04)  Torr
  • 10 Torr Capacitance Manometer
    • The 10 Torr Capacitance manometer is used as a standard for the pressure/vacuum region from 10 Torr to 0.1 Torr
  • KF25 and KF16 Fittings 
  • 2 Cases of 4x AA Batteries.
  • Replacement Part List


This Portable was created to simplify the validation of sensors installed on tools as part of the tool matching process.  Before this offer, tool validation involved wheeling in a cart and waiting for 4 hours before the validation process could be initiated.  The Dash Catalyst kit by DigiVac reduces both the setup time and validation time. The DASH Catalyst kit will save you time and money and offers a smaller more portable solution for this important application.

  • (PN): DVDashCatKit
  • Features DASH Capacitance Manometer portable readout with powerful magnet
  • Includes 2 sensors: a 10 Torr capacitance manometer for validating rough vacuum; and a 0.1 Torr capacitance manometer for validating medium vacuum readings
  • Rugged case including KF25 and KF16 tees, reducers, clamps, orings and tools with extra batteries and wall power option for the DASH

Why the DASH Catalyst Kit?

  1. Simple & Time Saving: Extremely simple way to validate vacuum measurements of tools used in semiconductor and manufacturing industries that rely on precise vacuum measurement
  2. User friendly: The DASH Catalyst Kit comes with  everything you need to verify vacuum measurement and validation when  performing a tool matching processes
  3. Portable: streamlined and portable capacitance manometer troubleshooting and verification kit  that can be easily carried, stowed and used on very crowded and highly complex manufacturing production floors


Semiconductor,Vacuum Coater, and Manufacturing Service  Industries. Used by engineers and technicians that are responsible for keeping critical semiconductor manufacturing and coating equipment operating at peak performance. Use as a control and on the ground kit for service technicians for identifying and troubleshooting vacuum equipment issues. 

  • Calibration Validation, Verification, and Qualification
  • Vacuum validation of gauges, displays, pumps and tools
  • Tool matching
  • R&D temporary test system measurement that requires the direct measurement accuracy of Capacitance Manometers
  • For operators wanting to double check their instruments that are installed on tools and vacuum systems
  • Use as a field calibration standard for thermal gauges installed in systems

Learn more about the DASH

Bullseye DASH is the 1st Portable Capacitance Manometer Gauge that both powers and displays the vacuum readings of capacitance manometers. Excellent troubleshooting vacuum gauge for powering and displaying capacitance manometer readings around the lab or on the go in the field.

  • Portable on-board power and battery operated, great for confirming readings of multiple capacitance manometers on a system
  • Rugged design of gauge with solid state electronics for durability and long lifespan with proper maintenance
  • Sensors supported include: Inficon: Porter;  MKS: AA01, 722B, 730B;  KJLC: Carbon, ACG (Note: Capacitance Manometer sold separately)

What the Bullseye DASH Stands For:

  • D – Direct Measurement of Capacitance Manometer
  • A – Active Monitoring
  • S – Scientific Applications
  • H – Historical Data Tracking, High (Vacuum)

DASH- Portable and Precise

  • Includes a powerful magnet and kickstand to enable hands-free operation
  • Solid state electronics built into a handheld gauge that operates using AA batteries (4) and lasts 20 hours when used with a porter CM or 7 hours with a standard ambient capacitance manometer
  • Versatility with 12 different measuring units (micron, Torr, Inches of Hg, kPa, Inches of H20, millitorr, mbar, Pa, PSIA, mm of Hg, bar, and mm of H2O)
  • This Portable Capacitance Manometer has the option to be powered with a Micro-USB power supply
  • Calibrated under actual vacuum against a NIST standard (NIST certification and documentation is optional)

Graphing and Analysis

  • Patented vacuum graphing displays vacuum and time data
  • Visual graphing right on the display that identifies current system status
  • Vacuum Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
  • Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level
  • Bluetooth Version of the Bullseye DASH is available for Remote Monitoring

Watch this video of Tim Collins (DigiVac’s CEO) using the Bullseye DASH to instrument our vacuum pump down solution to verify function and safety. And this video overviews Bullseye’s use in understanding vacuum system function and performance.


Operation Manual [DASH]
Data Sheet [DASH]
Data Sheet [Catalyst Kit]
Quick Start [Cal Kit]
Quick Start [DASH]
Sensor Selection
Is Your Pump Working?
 Sensor Range Chart

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor vacuum interface: KF16
  • Sensor Accuracy of 10 Torr CM: 0.2%
  • Useful Sensor Range for 10 Torr CM: 10 Torr – 50 millitorr
  • Sensor Accuracy of 0.1 Torr CM: 0.5%
  • Useful Sensor Range for 0.1 Torr CM: 0.100 Torr to 0.0006 Torr (1×10-1 to 6×10-4) Torr
  • Batteries: 4AA
  • Case inserts: upgraded clean room type foam
Units Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa
Control Range Dependent on the CM
Range with Accuracy Dependent on the CM
Sensor Type Capacitance Manometer
Dimensions 6.2”H x 3.7”W x 1.3”D
Certifications ROHS and CE

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Portable DigiVac DASH Catalyst Kit with Capacitance Manometer Gauge