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StrataVac Millitorr Vacuum Gauge

The StrataVac Millitorr Vacuum Gauge will measure your vacuum process in the .001 to 760 Torr range. It is compatible and variable with Can be variable with 536 KF16, 536 NPT, 536 KF25 or 531 NPT sensors.

Need to read above 2 Torr to atmosphere? Check out the StrataVac 775i instead!

Measurement Range: .001 to 760 Torr
Accuracy Range: Dependent on sensor


  • StrataVac Vacuum Controller
  • Agilent 536 sensor + sensor card
  • Can be variable with 536 KF16, 536 NPT, 536 KF25 or 531 NPT sensors
  • Driver card
  • Bracket for lab-pole mounting
  • Optional: Stainless steel wing clamp and centering ring


  • Vacuum Ovens
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Vacuum Bagging / Composites
  • Rotary Evaporation
  • Laboratory and R&D
  • Foreline monitoring
  • Vacuum roughing measurement
  • Distillations



The DigiVac StrataVac has many applications from simple passive sensor monitoring to combining multiple sensors in order to create a wide range calibration standard that controls vacuum pump down.  It uses a modular building block approach to build the most efficient configuration to achieve a task.

Every StrataVac is calibrated and pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard.  Need the documentation?  Add it to your cart!


It can be configured with sensors based on the accuracy and range required to sensevacuum and display the pressure reading in user selectable units of: Torr, mbar, kilopascal ormillitorr. The DigiVac StrataVac 2018 can be panel mounted or sit on a bench top. It has an extensive support matrix that includes most capacitance manometers and active and passive gauges available from Lesker, Agilent, Inficon, MKS and Setra.

Its 4 Main Operational Uses Are:

  • Display Controller: for 1-3 active and passive vacuum and pressure gauges
  • Vacuum Controller: capable of maintaining vacuum by either throttling a vacuum pump or bleeding air into a vessel
  • Relay Controller: capable of turning on/off valves and other gauges based on vacuum level
  • Data Graphing and logging: capable through USB serial using Stratacapture software

3 Simple Steps for Vacuum Process Set-up with STRATAVAC:

  1. Plumb the vacuum gauge(s) and valve into your vessel
  2. Connect the sensor, power, and I/O cables into STRATAVAC
  3. Measure and control vacuum

StrataVac Software: Connect to StrataCapture software by USB port on StrataVac to your laptop.

  • Watch this video of DigiVac’s CEO, Tim Collins, demonstrating how and StrataCapture (StrataVac’s companion software) works.


User Manual Data Sheet DV CUP Cheat Sheet StrataVac CAD 

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa
Control Range .001 to 760 Torr
Range with Accuracy Dependent on sensor
Sensor Type 536 KF25, 536 KF15, 536 NPT, or 531 NPT
Dimensions 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep

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StrataVac millitorr vacuum gauge | Digivac
StrataVac Millitorr Vacuum Gauge 1 mTorr to 6 Torr accuracy | Agilent 536 KF25, KF16, NPT or 531 NPT