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Recap of AVS 2018 – Long Beach, CA

Two weeks ago (10/23), the DigiVac team walked into AVS 65 at the Long Beach Convention Center with excitement, eager to show exhibit attendees our new product developments. On display, we had a few products, some new, and some known but updated in appearance and functionality. Our booth visitors found the traditional thermocouple Bullseye with a Bluetooth connected to our Vacuum Gauge 2.0, StrataVac 2018 with one thermocouple sensor and our brand new StrataVac Touch connected to our recently launched VacStable valve, a thermocouple sensor and an MKS 523 gauge. Everything was a hit!

AVS 65 Display

In addition to reconnecting with our resellers, vendors and those in the industry that DigiVac has known for years — we were able to form new connections and generate a handful of potential customers. Our StrataVac units intrigued many people due to its versatility and multiple configuration options that allow for applications in more than one industry. VacStable was another popular item of ours. Unlike a traditional soft VLC bleed valve, VacStable is a small, KF16 valve made of aluminum that can control and maintain pressures ranging from 10mT – 10T. It can easily be paired with our StrataVac unit, thus harnessing its ability to be applied in multiple fields as well.

Tell us your thoughts! What was the most useful product to you?