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Fundamentals of Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauges

Fundamentals of Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauges Convection-enhanced Pirani gauges work on the same principle as thermocouple sensors, where vacuum measurement is made based on the rate of heat loss from an excited sensor wire. Additional heat loss occurs due to convection at higher pressures. This type of gauge takes advantage of this heat loss and the range of measurement is extended compared to a thermocouple-type sensor, whose usable range is considerably shorter. They also have a faster response time than thermocouples, in milliseconds compared to seconds. They are popular in a wide range of industries due to their wide range of measurement. DigiVac has

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New Offer: StrataVac Convection-Pirani Gauge

New Offer: StrataVac Convection-Pirani Gauge The new convection pirani controllers from DigiVac are incredibly versatile. They are the newest convection-enhanced pirani entrant into the market, and add a host of features previously unavailable with the other convection pirani controller offers. Ability to control 1, 2, or 3 convection-enhanced pirani sensors by a single instrument Ability to combine multiple pirani gauges with wide range gauges or capacitance manometers Native ability to control valves for vent, load lock and vacuum process control with the Convectron pirani sensor Simple easy to use large 7” touch screen with graphing and large numbers to display

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