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Push Technology: Real Time Notifications From Your Vacuum Gauge


Real-time notifications are a glimpse into the future of vacuum pumps

Have you heard the news?

Arguably, this is not big news. In an ever-changing digital world we expect to be updated on the latest event as it is happening right now, not what happened five hours ago or even yesterday.

From politicians to journalists to attorneys, technology has allowed real time information to reach and shape the ways in which we communicate and share data, among other things. And how true this holds when it comes to a critical application, such as a leak or outgas? Who can deny the convenience of remote monitoring and troubleshooting, or the ability to receive notifications just as things come up? Such is the beauty of cutting edge technology.

What kind of technology are we talking about?

The push technology is a data distribution technology in which selected data is automatically delivered into the user’s smartphone or tablet at prescribed intervals or based on some event that occurs. This allows for remote monitoring, bluetooth viewing or current vacuum pressure on the devices. But also data logging and sharing, along powerful features allowing you to retrieve data from your gauge and share it anywhere. 

How does this apply to vacuum pumps?

Bullseye is the world’s first Bluetooth Vacuum Gauge featuring a one-of-a-kind patented vacuum gauge utilizing the push technology in order for users to monitor all activity straight from a smartphone or tablet. This feature enables not only remote monitoring but also troubleshooting, as well as data recording documenting leaks, baseline pressure and pumpdowns. 

Go here to find out more on how the Bullseye Precision Gauge can help you stay up to date on real time and save you time, money and effort.