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The Wireless Future Of Vacuum Gauges

DigiVac Bullseye Gague

You may have heard the saying, ‘the internet of things,’ but what does this mean and what does it have to do with vacuum gauges? This popular phrase means that everyday objects become much more powerful with network connectivity. Connected devices exchange data, and, in the process, change the way we use the device. A new symbiosis between humans and technology is now a reality, and the implications – along with the possibilities – are seemingly endless. Now, what about those vacuum gauges?

Introducing the world’s first Bluetooth Vacuum Gauge, The Bullseye Precision Gauge ® by DigiVac

The newest addition to DigiVac’s top-of-the-line vacuum gauges, The Bulleye Precision Gauge ®, was created with the technologically advanced user in mind: The gauge itself is accompanied by a newly released, easy-to-use, dedicated smartphone and tablet application, Vacuum Gauge, developed for both Android and Apple devices. The gauge also features patented vacuum graphing which enables users to quickly pinpoint problems with real-time vacuum analytics. Users can wirelessly monitor their vacuum gauge up to 300 feet then save and share their data any way they like.

Initial reviews of The Bullseye Precision Gauge ® conducted through a limited release show a stellar record among our customers using the vacuum gauge for logging and sharing vacuum data, monitoring pumpdowns, baseling vacuum pumps and so many other applications. Click here to read more about the application.

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What are your thoughts on the wireless future of vacuum gauges? How would this make work easier? Leave your thoughts and comments below.