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What’s New with the StrataVac?

The StrataVac is one of our leading products for customers looking to both measure and maintain pressure. It is a more complex device that offers a number of different configurations, making it possible for every customer to get exactly what they need.

StrataVac Configs

In this post we will discuss the four most common configurations of the StrataVac unit, including:

  • Regulator card and valve
  • Two thermocouple sensors
  • Wireless ethernet port
  • Capacitance manometers

Vacuum Regulation

One of the unique features of the StrataVac is that in addition to having the ability to communicate the pressure that your system is maintaining, the gauge can be ordered with a regulator card and valve which opens and closes as needed in order to control your system at a specific pressure, for example, 2 Torr. This configuration of the gauge which gives you the ability to control, is useful for those conducting experiments that require consistent pressure readings. It is also a common request for those who work in industries where processes require stable pressure to ensure that the final product was held to a particular vacuum level during a process, an example being the StrataVac maintaining a predetermined pressure in a chamber that is vacuum drying products for the medical industry.


For those who are just looking for a higher end vacuum gauge to measure their vacuum systems at different set points, the StrataVac can be ordered with two thermocouple sensors. While every gauge controller requires one sensor to work, having two sensors allows you to monitor more than one system at a time. By simply switching between the sensors on the gauge, you can quickly view the pressure readouts for two different tests you are running. This configuration of the StrataVac can therefore save you the cost of having identical gauges next to each other, performing the same function. It also allows you to use one device to monitor two systems that require different pressure thresholds.

Wifi Connectivity

When a StrataVac is ordered with a wireless ethernet port, you are effectively able to transmit your vacuum readings to your computer. Rather than view your pressures on the small display screen, you can sync the gauge with the DigiVac StrataCapture software and view it on your desktop. Furthermore, this software allows you to control your StrataVac unit from your computer! If something within your testing parameters has changed and the system now needs to be controlled at a different pressure, simply set up communication with your computer and toggle the set points appropriately.

StrataVac 2018 Screenshot needing Edits

Capacitance Manometers

Having compatibility with capacitance manometers gives you another configuration to look for. With the use of a capacitance manometer that measures a specific pressure with more reliable accuracy than a thermal sensors, you can more easily control your system at a pressure that is suitable for your experiment. This pairing of the StrataVac and capacitance manometer is often utilized by those in labs doing research, as a calibration standard for other instruments, or as an in-house standard when performing tests. It seems that many in the vacuum field choose capacitance manometers whenever possible because it is isolated and particles cannot contaminate the sensor.

To ensure that the StrataVac is, in fact, the controller that will improve your system, review the specifications. If you are interested in this controller and would like to get one for your lab setup, you can purchase on our site.