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Upgraded or Gone? DigiVac Gauge Replacements


Vacuum gauges are like any other piece of technological equipment; they change and evolve over time. One of the primary differences between a new and improved item such as a smartphone and a next-generation replacement vacuum gauge is the naming process. Where many companies can develop new technology, implant it into the new product and give it a name such as HOMETHEATRE X4, a variation of their brand and product name, vacuum gauge manufacturers often don’t. Most of the time, digital vacuum gauges are referred to by product numbers and not specific names. Because of this, an upgraded version may be more difficult to determine. Examples of such upgrades that customers have inquired into in the past include:

Sometimes You Need a Little Help From Your Friends

All of these changes can be confusing when it is time to order a new gauge! Also, when you go to make an order…you may not be able to find your beloved vacuum gauge. That is when you could use a little help! Your old gauge may have become obsolete and have been retired from our product lines. These changes could be based on the following reasons: older technology components are no longer available or not as accurate as newer technology.


In other words, a gauge is only retired and replaced by an entirely new gauge if it has, in one way or another, become obsolete. Because of this, customers using gauges that have been retired sometimes question whether they need to succumb to an upgrade or not. The answer to this is maybe/maybe not. Unless your instrument is not functioning well for your needs or you need a vacuum gauge that offers better accuracy, you do not need to upgrade.

At this point you might be wondering how exactly you can keep up with all of these digital vacuum gauge upgrades and retirements yet still know when you need to buy yourself a new one. There are two ways you can accomplish all of this, and the first is easy: call us at the office and speak with one of our vacuum gauge experts. These individuals are highly versed in gauge technology and will surely be able to tell you whether your gauge is still in production, or has been replaced by a different model and now has added features. If taking part in what could be a lengthy discussion isn’t something that interests you though, you can always explore and try our product wizard!

We are Here for You

Reach out if you are unsure which is the best replacement vacuum gauge for your needs, and we will be happy to discuss the options available with you. Who knows, you might learn of a different model series that suits your needs better than the model that has since been discontinued or upgraded!