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Optimize Your Vacuum: Choosing the Bullseye, VPC, or SNAP

DigiVac’s Bullseye, VPC, and SNAP

DigiVac offers some awesome tools to help simplify vacuum science however there are three we want to focus on to help improve your own vacuum control and measurement. 

1.Bullseye Precision Gauge® | The Staple You Need For Precise Vacuum Measurement with a Portable Digital Vacuum Gauge

The Bullseye Precision Gauge family of vacuum gauges offers highly accurate digital vacuum gauges so you know exactly where you are in your process. Digital vacuum gauges give you a digital reading of your pressure level in user with options of 12 different vacuum units 

Since each of Digvac’s Gauges are tested and calibrated under vacuum before it leaves our shop, we ensure that our gaugges will provide the utmost accuracy with readings you can trust. The Bullseye Precision Gauge family of products are targeted to different ranges of vacuum so choose the one that fits the range of vacuum that is important to you and whether or not you want Bluetooth capability for process documentation and remote monitoring. Not sure which one is best for you? Give us a call. More details and information on our Bullseye gauges can be found here

2. Vapor pressure controller | Vacuum Controller: Digital Vacuum Measurement + Set-Point Control

The VPC gives you highly accurate vacuum measurement and vacuum control. The VPC helps make vacuum control simple. Just set the set-point you desire and the VPC will display both the current vacuum level and the set-point. Fix it and forget it. This vacuum controller is designed to handle vapor, and can be easily cleaned with stainless steel wetted surfaces. This vacuum controller is designed for the rough vacuum ranges (1 Torr to 770 Torr). It’s ideal for maintaining a specific pressure level for botanical processing, vacuum oven drying, rotary evaporation, or any time your vacuum process will be boiling off vapors. Learn more about the DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller here

3.SNAP | Automated Process Control & Optimization with Onboard Recipe Control + High Throughput  and Fast Pump Downs + Highly Precise Control and Venting

The SNAP is a highly accurate vacuum controller with almost a full KF25 flow path for high throughput and fast pump downs (1 Torr to 770 Torr). The SNAP Vacuum Process Controller has a patent-pending valve that offers proportional throttle control and proportional venting all in one fully automated controller. The SNAP offers complete clean regulation of your process, including recipe control with up to 8 time and pressure program settings. It will help you optimize your process and dial in the results you need to get the best products with simple push button control features. Find more videos on how it works here.

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