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  • Distillation Monitoring System | Fraction Finder

    FRACTION FINDER | Real-Time Distillation Monitoring System



    The Arometrix FRACTION FINDER is the world’s first portable real-time fraction monitor for distillation. This innovative system is composed of a patent-pending optical sensor and a touch-screen digital display, built to help processors optimize distillation.


    • In-line UV fluorescence sensor with real-time digital display
    • Portable and in-situ, ideal for confirming distillation contents at any given moment
    • Assess trends, observe for oddities, and optimize Standard Operating Procedures
    • Track fractions and fraction changes so that you can make the most optimal process decisions
    • System includes: Fraction Finder display, sensor, cords, and light-blocking tape
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  • Model 215V digital vacuum process controller with thermocouple gauge

    Model 215V | Vacuum Process Controller



    The Model 215V is a highly useful vacuum controller with integrated fail-safe set points, analog out and RS232


    • Range: .001 Torr to 760 Torr
    • 2 control relays (set-points), type C rated at 7A and 250V
    • 5V analog output and RS232 vacuum indication which enables integration to a wide variety of systems
    • Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs
    • CE compliant


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  • The Model 450 stainless vacuum regulator

    Throttle Vacuum Regulator | Model 450 Brass | Vacuum Controller

    From: $2,542.98

    This throttle vacuum regulator measures 1-760 Torr with an isolated transducer. Regulates vacuum with a proportional valve and is simple to use. Ideal for increase vacuum pump longevity keeping the pump closer to its base pressure.



    • Super simple to use: just dial in your vacuum set point
    • Utilizes downstream vacuum control which increases pump longevity
    • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and industrial vacuum processes

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  • Model 276 Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge

    Model 276 | Dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge

    From: $890.00


    Benchtop vacuum instrument with dual sensors: a thermocouple vacuum gauge tube combined with a Piezo Sensor


    • The 276 leverages dual  sensor technology that offers the unique ability to accurately measure through the entire rough vacuum range of 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr
    • Combines proven thermocouple and piezo technology for seamless measurement and accuracy
    • Excellent choice for distillation and vacuum drying applications where accuracy at 25 Torr and 500 millitorr are important
    • Calibrated against a NIST standard


    Optional Features:

    • 2C
    • 5V5T
    • DS
    • Eth
    • RS232
    • NISTCal
    • mbar
    • PrintPlot
    • Length

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  • Wide range vacuum sensor | .001 to 760 torr- 1/8" NPT

    Wide Range Vacuum Sensor | Piezo / Thermocouple Combination Sensor | .001-760 Torr | 1/8″ NPT


    Wide Range Vacuum Sensor  | Thermocouple and Piezoresistive Combination vacuum gauge.

    A suitable replacement vacuum sensor for the Digivac  Model 276 vacuum instrument. Total range .001-760 Torr.

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  • DigiVac Isolated Piezo Sensor 1-775 torr

    Isolated Piezo sensor | 1/8″ NPT | 1-775 Torr | 775i



    Very fast isolated Piezo manometer sensor


    • Isolated piezo sensor with only 316 SS for wetted material
    • Rugged stainless steel sensor that is hermetically sealed to insure zero leakage
    • 1/8″ male NPT vacuum fitting, easily adaptable to KF
    • Measure 1 – 775 Torr without a capacitance manometer
    • Industry standard 5 volt sensor and rugged M12 connector

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  • The Model 450 stainless vacuum regulator

    Stainless Vacuum Regulator | Model 450 | Vacuum Controller for Corrosive Environments



    The Model 450 Vacuum Controller measures 1  to 760 Torr and includes a proportional valve for vacuum regulation. Premium stainless-steel vacuum path to support use in corrosive or volatile applications.


    • Super simple to use: just dial in your vacuum set point
    • Maximizes pump down speed and uses throttle vacuum control to increase pump longevity
    • Ideal for altitude simulation, distillations, composites research and industrial vacuum processes
    • Stainless steel valve and vacuum path for corrosive or hostile applications


    Docklight Script to remotely control the model 450

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