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Vacuum Gauge Logging Software: Target Tracker is computer software that functions with the Bluetooth Bullseye Vacuum Gauge Line, the Bullseye, DASH, and Piezo to transmit the controller’s information directly to your desktop when paired with the Arrow.

This software builds on the Bullseye vacuum gauge App for logging data over Bluetooth.  The way people typically log is with a purpose built devices or a PC running software.  This vacuum gauge logging software runs on a PC, installs simply and logs reliably.

  • Easily Log Data
  • Easily Graph Data
  • Allows for simple analysis of vacuum information, simplifying science.

Compatible Gauges & Applications

The Target Tracker works with the Bullseye Precision Gauge series. These include the Bullseye, DASH, and Piezo configurable for applications in a variety of fields for rough to high vacuum based on the gauge.

Target Tracker Software Features

  • Log Data for seconds or months to windows file system .csv file
  • Graphs data on screen
  • Automatically reconnects to a Bullseye if wireless connection is severed


  • Runs on Windows 10 or 11 PC
  • Requires permissions to install software and permissions to access USB Arrow Bluetooth device, and file system for logging
  • Can set the time interval for logging
  • Can disconnect, and reconnect
  • Can log .csv data or not log data while graphing
  • Can set acquisition rate.  As fast as every 1 second up to every hour.


  • Currently both the Bullseye Gauge App and the Bullseye Target Tracker software can only log and graph data from 1 millitorr to 999 Torr.  Over 999 Torr the data will show 999; below 1 Torr the data will show “0”.
  • The window is not resizable.  It is just one size
  • The Target Tracker software is always displayed on top of all other windows; it can be minimized

How it Works

Using the Vacuum Gauge Logging Software is simple. 

After downloading the program to your desktop, Here are the instructions:

1. Install the Setup Program above.
2. Launch the Program.
3. Connect the dongle.
4. Turn on Bullseye.
5. In the Program, click on “CONNECT BULLSEYE” button. (Program should find bullseye dongle automatically). Orange display should say “Bullseye Custom BLE PC Data Capture Interface”
6. Once it finds the dongle, “CONNECT BULLSEYE” button should be highlighted again.
7. Click on “CONNECT BULLSEYE” button. Orange display should reflect milliTorr value of Bullseye.
8. Click on “GRAPH” to display real time data at the rate of the Acquisition Period (I spelled “acquisition” wrong. I’ll fix it later.) Graphing is auto-scaling.

Reports that Can Be Recorded

9. Checking box “SAVE TO CSV” opens a new time stamped .csv file in directory c:\Documents\Bullseye and adds data at the acquisition rate.
10. While “SAVE TO CSV” is checked, “STOP” button temporarily stops both the graphing and data collection to .csv file.
11. Clicking “GRAPH” again resumes both graphing and data collection to same .csv file.
12. Unchecking box “SAVE TO CSV” closes that .csv file and can be viewed in Excel.
13. Rechecking box “SAVE TO CSV” opens a new time stamped .csv file.

Optional Recording Capability: Target Tracker vs. Bullseye Gauge App

While the App works well; many people use their phones for so many things, that the App can get lost or forgotten about.  We have customers that were starting to write labview apps and integrate the Bullseye into their data acquisition systems.  Wanting to simplify the process for our customers who resulted to different integration efforts, we made it a bit easier for technicians and scientist to get and use vacuum data with the Target Tracker.

Getting Started: Order Online

Download from your email once ordering from The software is free, but an order is necessary because the software download appears in the order confirmation email once the order is placed.

Target Tracker & the Arrow the DigiVac  Bullseye Gauge Data Logging Software


User Manual (WIP)

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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