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Benefits of Automating Your Vacuum Oven Control 

Optimize your vacuum drying process with SNAP

The SNAP Vacuum Controller

The precise vacuum control of the SNAP is driven by the integrated patent-pending Dinamo valve with delivers both proportional vacuum control as well as proportional bleed control and supports high flow with KF25 orifices so its ideal for your larger cubic foot ovens. The internal sensor is isolated from your vacuum drying process so that the sensor won’t get contaminated and vapors will not disrupt your readings. The SNAP is designed for highly precise control and is ideal for automating vacuum oven control in the 1 torr to 775 torr range. With the SNAP you are able to Automate your vacuum control through the click of a button.

the Sensor is isolated and rock solid

This controller has been designed to simplify vacuum science and make it easy to optimize your vacuum drying processes. Whether you are just starting and learning or you have been in the industry for years the SNAP benefits will make you ask, “where have you been all my life!?”

Easy automation

Easily control your vacuum process and venting with the touch of a button or the twist of a knob. Mission control at your fingertips with the SNAP : Simple, Nimble, Automatic, Process Controller

No longer do you have to play with valves to maintain pressure, vent, or brake vacuum; it’s all in the SNAP with the push of a button. A few buttons control all aspects of the vacuum even maintaining a particular set point (which is super important in a lot of vacuum processes).  The SNAP helps Automating your vacuum control with the push of a button and allows you to have the ultimate control over your process.

Recipe Control

SNAP even has the function to maintain recipes.  You can create process recipes and have the SNAP control all aspects of the process, compared to having to manually play with values in order to make sure the vacuum regulates when it needs to. 

SNAP allows you to take advantage of its automation by being able to set up ramp rates through its recipe control. You are able to choose the time and pressure settings over up to 8 steps to support multiple-step vacuum processes. Then the SNAP will automatically vent, purge or evacuate at multiple set points to achieve  optimal control when you would have to manually do it otherwise. And who has time to babysit their process all day?

“SNAP’s design is to ensure that it can make working with Vacuum more efficient by optimizing the time your process takes.”

To learn more about the SNAP check out the links below to see how you can benefit from fully automating your vacuum drying process with SNAP vacuum controllers.

Check out the SNAP here!

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