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Solvent Recovery

DigiVac serves the solvent recovery application with innovative vacuum controllers, gauges, and so much more.

Solvent Recovery Summary

Solvent recovery is a process that removes (or “recovers”) the solvent from a fluid after the extraction process. Solvent recovery is a type of post-processing, which can be performed with a rotary evaporator or thin film distillation unit. The solvent that is being removed is typically ethanol, CO2, or butane (i.e. whatever solvent that were used during the extraction process).

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Vacuum for Rotary Evaporation

Rotary evaporation distillation, a form of low pressure vacuum distillation allows you to effectively separate components of a mixture and condense the final product to what is needed. For example, using distillation to separate water and alcohol so you have one glass of mostly water and another with mostly alcohol. Using vacuum to reduce pressure enables you to lower the temperature of distillation.

DigiVac Products for Solvent Recovery

DigiVac serves the solvent recovery community through constant innovation and partnership with respected companies like Across International. We manufacture and sell vacuum sensors and controllers like the SNAP and  Concerto controller to the Bullseye Piezo gauge.

DigiVac Products for Other Types of Processing

We are knowledgeable of a variety of botanical & R&D processes, such as short path distillation.


Bullseye Piezo

Bullseye Vacuum to PSI Gauge | Bullseye Piezo


Automatic Vacuum Process Controller| Concerto