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Secrets for Drying Fine Powders in a Vacuum oven

Many people come to find out that they have problems when it comes to vacuuming powder. Especially drying fine powder that tends to get puffed up and pulled into the vacuum pump flooding it.  With the pumps flooded this leads to an unfortunate problem, one you end up losing the powders you’re trying dry and two it isn’t the best for your pump either. 

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End of Vacuum Drying Detection with FYRA

Trying to get to the primary drying end point can be time consuming and energy intensive whether you are going about it with a freeze dryer or a vacuum oven. However, there is a way to optimize this process so you know when your process is complete and all solvents like water are evaporated and product is dry. Wouldn’t it be time saving if you took the guess work out of your vacuum drying process?

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Automate & Optimize your Vacuum Oven Drying with SNAP

Onboard Temperature and Vacuum Control for Most Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum ovens come with excellent temperature control mechanisms, but many are paired with manual isolation valves for vacuum. What this means is that, you can set your temperature digitally, but you have to turn valves to adjust the pressure in the chamber.

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