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Author: caitlin Cordelle

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End of Vacuum Drying Detection with FYRA

Trying to get to the primary drying end point can be time consuming and energy intensive whether you are going about it with a freeze dryer or a vacuum oven. However, there is a way to optimize this process so you know when your process is complete and all solvents like water are evaporated and product is dry. Wouldn’t it be time saving if you took the guess work out of your vacuum drying process?

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Benefits of Automating Your Vacuum Oven Control

The precise vacuum control of the SNAP is driven by the integrated patent-pending Dinamo valve with delivers both proportional vacuum control as well as proportional bleed control and supports high flow with KF25 orifices so its ideal for your larger cubic foot ovens. The internal sensor is isolated from your vacuum drying process so that the sensor won’t get contaminated and vapors will not disrupt your readings. The SNAP is designed for highly precise control and is ideal for automating vacuum oven control in the 1 torr to 775 torr range. With the SNAP you are able to Automate your vacuum control through the click of a button.

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Optimize Your Vacuum: Choosing the Bullseye, VPC or SNAP

Since each of Digvac’s Gauges are tested and calibrated under vacuum before it leaves our shop, we ensure that our gaugges will provide the utmost accuracy with readings you can trust. The Bullseye Precision Gauge family of products are targeted to different ranges of vacuum so choose the one that fits the range of vacuum that is important to you and whether or not you want Bluetooth capability for process documentation and remote monitoring.

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Automate & Optimize your Vacuum Oven Drying with SNAP

Onboard Temperature and Vacuum Control for Most Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum ovens come with excellent temperature control mechanisms, but many are paired with manual isolation valves for vacuum. What this means is that, you can set your temperature digitally, but you have to turn valves to adjust the pressure in the chamber.

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