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What Extraction technique is right for you?

The cannabis market uses three main extraction techniques: CO2, liquefied hydrocarbons, and ethanol extraction.  Below explains  each method and how the extraction takes place and who and why some would use one specific method over another.

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Industry Spotlight: Medical Application of Aspiration Vacuum Control

Industry Spotlight: Medical Application of Aspiration Vacuum Control A surgical equipment manufacturer asked us to craft a product that would help physicians maintain consistent vacuum control during surgical procedures such as liposuction. Existing vacuum pressure controllers could not maintain consistent pressure, resulting in a build-up of vacuum pressure during a blockage of the cannula, resulting in a stall of vacuum, followed by an increase in vacuum pressure after the blockage was removed.  THE SOLUTION An enthusiastic team of engineers began the iterative process of determining the customer’s exact usage context so that the solution would be practical, effective and safe. This

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