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StrataCapture - Software for Vacuum Data Logging

Strata Blog| Aerospace

Strata Blog | DigiVac captures how StrataCapture can aid in many applications and system performances through a series of interviews and testimonies 

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StrataVac | Behind the Name

StrataVac | Behind the Name How did STRATAVAC get its name? The prefix Strata is for Stratum. Webster’s Dictionary defines Strata as “a layer of material, naturally or artificially formed, often one of a number of parallel layers one upon another”. STRATAVAC, DigiVac’s Multi-Gauge Vacuum Controller, is customizable for a number of Vacuum Applications based on its ability to add additional driver cards to the vacuum instrument. And “Vac” for, well, vacuum ;). Strata (many layers) of Vac (vacuum) capabilities. Now, let’s dig into a few of the DigiVac STRATAVAC and STRATAVAC Touch lines features and benefits. Need to measure vacuum at one point of

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Vacuum Gauge Analytics & Displays – Vacuum Gauge Data Made Useful

Vacuum Gauge Analytics & Displays – Vacuum Gauge Data Made Useful Traditionally, the vacuum gauge industry has manufactured gauges that provide measurement at a point in time, but has not provided an analysis of what several measurements mean given the task at hand. Yea, it was definitely time for some innovation here! To do this, measurement data must be collected, stored and analyzed (on a network or Smart Phone) to open the door for using analytics. Instrumentation analytics from a digital vacuum gauge enable you to observe trends, make faster and more reliable conclusions and use set points to turn on/off a machine

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