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DigiVac @ PittCon 2024: San Diego, CA!

A couple of weeks ago, a few team members got to kick it in sunny, coastal San Diego, CA as DigiVac at PittCon 2024, which was the conference’s 75th conference and exhibition.  While there, we got to exhibit at Booth 1813 where we had some of our products on display.  We brought along some of our newest innovations, alongside a few products from our friends and crowd favorites.

Product Recap

A general crowd pleaser and favorite, we had our Bullseye Precision Gauges, as well as the Calibration and Catalyst Kits which our Bullseye DASH is part of.  These kits are your one-stop shop for on-the-go tool matching of vacuum equipment, featuring a selection of capacitance manometers.  Great for those who need to do this on a routine basis.  We also had our SNAP and Fyra Vacuum Controllers, each with various updates that help further the automation and optimization of your processes.  The Fyra we brought specifically is our brand new Fyra for Freeze Dryer Control/Lyophilization and a Fyra with a CM card that can read both vacuum and temperature.  

The SNAP was hooked up to the DP43C vacuum oven from our friends at Yamato.  Alongside it was our new data logging software, the Torch Data Logger which can log both vacuum pressure and temperature in addition to the Arrow PC Logger.  Both of these are additionally compatible with the Bullseye gauges with bluetooth functionality.  

Aside from Yamato’s vacuum oven, we also had Across International’s SolventVap 2L Rotary Evaporator on display at our booth which was another point of interest.

Old Friends & New Faces!

To continue the recap, between showcasing DigiVac’s products, our team members got to walk the floor and check out everyone else as well.  While we were there, we got to see some familiar names and faces – Across International, Yamato,  Anest Iwata, and Pfeiffer to name a few. A few representatives from Yamato even came over to take pictures with us at our booth (the oven definitely caught their eye).

On top of getting to meet up with those we knew,, we also got to meet some new friends as well, such as NAVAC, USALabs, MKS, BEING Scientific, PolyScience, and GoldLeaf. Our Vort-X Valve had a mini adventure over to NAVAC’s booth to check out their vacuum pump, and a new friend from PolyScience swung by to see us specifically.


Overall, it was a great experience – coupled with San Diego’s fantastic weather, it couldn’t have been a better time.  Supposedly, next year’s PittCon will be in Boston, MA for anyone on the east coast.

That being said, DigiVac isn’t done with conferences just yet this year.  It’s only March, and we have plenty more we’ll be attending – so keep an eye out for updates regarding where you’ll be able to find us! For now though, that’s it for our recap of DigiVac at PittCon 2024!

For More Info

If you want further information or just have any questions/inquiries about any of DigiVac’s products, feel free to browse our website or contact us!