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Which is the Best for You & Your Process? | Comparing the SNAP, Model 450, and VPC

This is an overview of three of DigiVac‘s vacuum controllers.  We’ll be comparing the SNAP, Model 450, and the Vapor Pressure Controller (or VPC) – specifically what makes them each unique and what applications or processes they might be most beneficial for.

SNAP Interface View

SNAP Features

  • Easy set-up and push button control: Vent, Close Valve, Full Vac (Open)
  • Largest flow paths available to ensure maximum flow for faster evaporation 
  • Maximize throughput and pump down speed with a 20mm vacuum path
  • Treat material in chamber more gently by implementing kinder ramp rate controls
  • Programmable up to 10 recipes with 24 steps per recipe based on time and pressure setpoints
  • Innovative valve control performs both proportional throttle vacuum and vent control
  • External valve option that allows for venting speed control

SNAP Overview

Starting off with the SNAP, it has the best control with multi-step automation and a vacuum vent control that utilizes proportional or multi-position valves.  It’s also perfect for high and low flow requirements and is compatible with PLC.  

For the most precision and control, the SNAP is the best choice given its wide range of controllable pressure. It also has the ability to save multiple, multi-step recipes. Those same recipes are also programmable down to the second for optimal precision control.  Additionally, the SNAP can even control venting speeds with the optional add-on of an external valve designed just for that purpose.

Model 450 Interface View

Model 450 Features

  • Stainless steel valve and vacuum path for corrosive or hostile applications
  • Works in conjunction with precision isolated transducer and proportional solenoid valve
  • Has proportional valve that allows controller to make precise changes in vacuum flow to achieve stable vacuum level
  • Can be remote controlled via RS232 by simple command set, using a terminal program
  • Microprocessor runs an intelligent algorithm, which drives a proportional valve using a PWM technique that allows precise positioning of valve without developing excessive heat or generating electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Model 450 Overview

Next is the Model 450.  It has more than acceptable control, but isn’t available for multi-step automation.  Its vacuum control utilizes proportional or multi-position valves whereas its vent control is simply an on/off toggle.  The interface is simple and easy to understand, with physical dials and toggles to adjust vacuum setpoints or venting as needed for automation.

The Model 450 is ideal for process automation and corrosive environments, given it is self contained with stainless steel valves and vacuum paths to withstand corrosive or hostile applications.  Its applications are particularly ideal for altitude simulation, distillation, composites research, and industrial vacuum processes where repetition lends to better results. 

VPC Interface View

Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC) Features

  • Rugged, modern vacuum measurement and control instrument
  • Highly accurate digital vacuum gauge utilizing field-proven isolation vacuum sensor technology
  • Specifically designed for chemistry distillations that can be aided by precise pressure control
  • Facilitates separating chemicals that have vapor pressures as close to 10 Torr to one another
  • Has fine grained vacuum control
  • Simultaneous display of both current vacuum and set point
  • Remote controlled via USB

Vapor Pressure Controller Overview

Finally, the VPC or Vapor Pressure Controller has acceptable control. It also has multi-step automation given external software.  For vacuum control it has a simple on and off toggle; however, it does not have venting controls.

The VPC is the most economical of the vacuum controllers on this list, and it is particularly useful for maintaining pressure at certain levels needed for processes involving vapors, allowing the user to determine setpoints and maintain vacuum at that specific level.  It can also be controlled remotely via USB.

Chart comparing SNAP, Model 450, and VPC

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