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High Vacuum

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  • DigiVac StrataVac Controller and Kurt J Lesker

    StrataVac Capacitance Manometer Bundle | Choose 1 Torr, 10 Torr, 1000 Torr Ambient Pressure Gauge


    The DigiVac StrataVac CM vacuum gauge uses an ultra-pure alumina ceramic diaphragm, which is corrosion proof and allows for better signal stability, faster recovery from atmosphere, short warm up time, and an extraordinary lifetime.


    • Ideal for industrial and laboratory applications that require high accuracy pressure measurement
    • Clean room compliant: sensor double protected from contamination
    • Allows for recording and data capture via the USB port

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  • StrataVac Wide Range Vacuum Gauge

    Wide Range Vacuum Gauge | StrataVac Cold Cathode/Pirani Bundle | 7.6 x E-10 to 760 Torr


    The DigiVac StrataVac Wide Vacuum Gauge gauge is paired with combination cold cathode/pirani sensor which monitors vacuum pressures between 7.6×10-10 to 760 Torr (1×10-9 to 1000 mbar).


    • This wide range vacuum bundle measures from rough up to high vacuum with high accuracy
    • Cold Cathode/Pirani Combination Gauge reliably measures from atmosphere to 7.6 x 10-10 torr (1 x 10-9 mbar) on a single port
    • Accuracy: 7.6 x 10-10 to 10-3 Torr (1 x 10-9 to 1000 mbar) ±30%
    • Data Capture: Allows for recording and data capture via the micro-USB port

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  • Cold Cathode Pirani Combination Gauge

    Cold Cathode/Pirani Combination Gauge | ATM to Ultra High Vacuum | 760 Torr to 7.6 E-10 Torr


    The KJLC® Cold Cathode/Pirani Combination Gauge measures from 7.6 x 10-10 to 760 Torr (1 x 10-9 to 1000 mbar) using a cold cathode and pirani combination sensor.


    • Feed-through is corrosive proof
    • Operating temperature of +5 to +55 °C (ambient)
    • Compact size easy for setup on most systems
    • Compliance & standards: CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS

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  • StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller | Multi-Gauge Controller with Touchscreen | Rough to High Vacuum



    The StrataVac Touch is a premium vacuum controller with touchscreen display that allows you to monitor and/or control multiple areas of your vacuum system. Can be configured to cover a wide range of vacuum pressures from rough to high vacuum.


    • Easily see a snapshot of up to 4 of your sensors and up to 3 valves across your vacuum system
    • Can control vacuum through a wide range using a bleed or throttle valve
    • Combine 2 capacitance manometers into one reading to expand the range for direct measurement up to 4 decades
    • Need help building out a package to is custom to your needs? Contact Technical Support


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  • StrataVac Multi-Gauge Vacuum Controller

    StrataVac Multi-Gauge Vacuum Controller | Configurable to 3 Sensors



    The StrataVac Multi-Gauge Vacuum Controller | Can control multiple gauges at one time | Accepts
    different inputs based on driver board and sensor election


    • Can be configured with multiple expansion boards to measure and/or control up to 3 sensors at one time | Pirani | Capacitance Manometer | Thermocouple
    • Can control vacuum from 10mT – 760T using a bleed or throttle valve
    • Combine 2 capacitance manometers into one reading to expand the range for direct measurement up to 4 decades
    • With WiFi option | Can be used to view graph and plot historical data with, and as a vacuum transmitter to cloud-based services




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  • Apiezon L Vacuum Grade Grease 25g

    APIEZON L Ultra High Vacuum Grade Grease | 25g



    • A good, general purpose, high vacuum grade grease with an estimated vapor pressure is 2 x 10-11 Torr at 20° C
    • May be used on all ground joints in a vacuum system where it is essential to have a grease with good lubricant properties combined with an exceptionally low vapor pressure

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  • Digivac's Foreline Solution Integrated into a vacuum system

    Prevent Oil Backstreaming | Interlock Foreline Solution


    Prevent roughing pump oil from back-streaming through forelines and contaminating a vacuum chamber in the event of a power outage

    • Protects high vacuum chamber and turbo pump from air contaminants and roughing pump oil back-streaming
    • Maintains vacuum of high vacuum side (about 2 Torr) in the event of a power outage
    • Allows in-situ testing of backing pump, avoiding the need to disconnect the pump
    • Read the application note here!

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