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  • Sale! DigiVac Bullseye Vacuum Gauge for processing

    Bullseye Precision Gauge with 536 KF25 Sensor | Vacuum Gauge for Processing

    $635.00 $584.36

    A rugged portable vacuum gauge for processing applications that pairs unparralled vacuum measurement with the Agilent 536 sensor that has an integrated baffel which provides protection and helps reduce risk of sensor failure.


    • Visual graphing to detect problems in real time (leak, pump, outgas, stable) and has 12 measurement units
    • Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
    • Quick reading of vacuum level through large number display with back light
    • Has a strong magnet for hands-free operation
    • Long battery life and micro USB for in-lab use


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  • Varian 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor

    Agilent 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor, NW25 | Thermocouple Tube



    The Agilent 536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor is a Thermocouple Gauge Tube

    The sensor is a welded 304 stainless steel version of the 531 with KF25 flange and an additional baffle that greatly extends the sensor life.

    Total Range: 1 millitorr to 760 Torr

    Range with Accuracy: 1 x 10-3 Torr to 6 Torr

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