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Arometrix Extraction Finder Lab Analysis | Consulting, Process Validation & Optimization


Schedule your on-site Arometrix fraction Finder Lab Analysis with our lead Technician. Optimize your extraction process today.


Arometrix Lab Analysis


Arometrix Fraction Finder Lab Analysis OverviewObserve molecular monitoring on your system with post run workshop to assess extraction or distillation trends. Expert-level recommendations will be made for optimization of the process with customer goals in mind.

Packages vary: Note the different packages: Basic vs. Deluxe and the differences in the descriptions. If you want more than one data set reviewed, please select Deluxe

How It Works: Arometrix Fraction Finder Lab Analysis

Arometrix will head out to your lab with your Fraction Finder of Choice

The Fraction Finder or Fraction Finder ultra will be set up on your line for 8-16 hours (1-2 days)

From there, data about your process will be collected in real time as well stored for later analysis

The following day (2nd or 3rd day depending on package purchased) will consist of a technical review and workshop about the the Fraction Finder data from our lead technician

  • 2-4 hr review
  • includes:  reviewing some of the general findings as well as a general understanding of the tech, operation, and how to understand what the Arometrix Finder can tell them about their process

After the visit within 1-2 weeks the customer will receive a comprehensive analysis slide deck which will provide information about their extraction run, that will help them optimize their process

  •  Contents of the deck would review: length and duration that show best results, which run/pass showed the highest cannabinoid levels and the lowest chlorophyll levels etc.

If any questions arise about the analysis provided once received; Customers are given 1-2 hour of consulting service included with the service packaged purchased (Please note: additional consulting fees will be charged once limit is reached)

This data is straightforward to interpret and can be used to improve your process from the analysis provided

 Package details  Basic  Deluxe
 # of Fraction finder Reviewed On-Site  1  2
 Lab Work & Data Collection  8 hrs (1 day shift)  16 hrs (2 day shift)
 Review Workshop  2 hrs  4 hrs
 Summary Analysis Included  YES  YES
 Additional Off-Site Consultation hours Provided  1 hr  2 hrs
 Cost of service  $2000 + Travel  $5000 + Travel
Cost of service with the Purchase(s) of Finder(s)  $1000 + Travel Included  $2500 + Travel Included

Resources: This service is completely optional, and was designed for those that are looking to rapidly learn how to use the technology, see the results, and have access to the technology when needed. We offer many free resources on our website.

    • 1) You can visit the product page of the product that you have by using our menu and visit the Resources section on that specific page.
    • 2) Alternatively, you can visit our Resources page, where our documentation is listed for each applicable process (manuals, quick start guides, sample run data).
    • 3) Another great resources for new users is Arometrix Academy, where we provide an introduction to the science behind the technology, its hardware, and its features, as well as some more advanced topics.

We Are Experts in Spectroscopy

Christopher Metting, PhD.

Christopher Metting is Arometrix’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Chris has conducted extensive research in chemistry and optical metrology. He has a passion for getting the science right and getting metrology to work for improving outcomes. With a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and a BS in Chemistry and Physics, Chris is a top-notch researcher and developer. Following ideation of the Fraction Finder, Chris conducted the original literature review to research fluorescence for cannabis. Chris led our team to develop what would become the first prototype system, create validation for the prototype, and finalize the current Fraction Finder technology that you see today.

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Jacob Silver

Jacob Silver is Arometrix’s Lead Technician and Researcher. Jacob has a passion for Cannabis Studies and Research. With a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, he is an Expert in  handling and analyzing the Fraction Finder technology.  Jacob is leading the exploration of what other applications outside of cannabis the FF can be useful in with new research and partnerships.


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Arometrix Extraction Finder Lab Analysis
Arometrix Extraction Finder Lab Analysis | Consulting, Process Validation & Optimization