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  • Agilent 531 Sensor sold by DigiVac

    Agilent / Varian 531 Thermocouple Gauge | F0472301



    Varian type 531 thermocouple vacuum gauge tube


    • All metal, sturdy, structure
    • Used in applications requiring higher levels of accuracy
    • Range of 1 millitor to 760 Torr
    • 15% accuracy
    • Electrically identicall to Agilent 536 sensors
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  • 531 type thermocouple sensor

    531 Thermocouple Plus



    Equivalent type 531 thermocouple vacuum gauge tube


    • Soldered and rugged design for years of use
    • Field replaceable sensor
    • Perfect for OEM applications that require low cost readings in the 300-500 micron pressure range



    • Freeze drying
    • Low pressure distillations
    • Foreline monitoring
    • Transformer dry out
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  • Inland 45 Vacuum Pump Fluid

    Inland® 45 Rough Pump Oil | 1 Gal.



    Inland 45 is the highest quality rough pump oil you can use for your mass spectrometer and scientific instruments


    • Is the newest grade of oil for mechanical vacuum pumps
    • Has a boiling point at 0.01 Torr at 133 degrees Celsius
    • Has a pour point of -59 degrees Celsius
    • Reclaimable and compatible with Viton
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  • DigiVacPlot Great Computer Software for Vacuum Readings

    DigiVac Plot



    This free software installs on Windows laptops and enables you to have a virtual view of your vacuum gauge from your computer.


    • Allows the current real time vacuum reading to be viewed on computer
    • Enables logging in Excel readable .csv file format with time & vacuum reading
    • Plots the vacuum vs. time information in linear and logarithmic formats for up to 48 hours
    • Print out graph of vacuum vs. time data
    • Allows you to print out data with adjustable intervals
    • Really easy to use
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  • Hastings DV-6M Thermocouple Gauge Tube

    Hastings DV-6M Thermocouple Gauge Tube



    This thermocouple vacuum gauge tube can measure pressure between 0.001 and 1 Torr (1 to 1000 mTorr).


    • Measures in millitorrs
    • Absolute vacuum reference
    • Range with accuracy is 1 – 2000 microns
    • Millivolt output
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  • Hastings DV-6R Thermocouple Gauge Tube



    Hastings DV-6R thermocouple vacuum gauge tube, ruggedized


    • millivolt output
    • Total range of 1 0 2000 microns
    • Range with accuracy of 1 – 2000microns

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  • Portable Instrument Case


    Case for carrying model 100 gauges


    • Protects model 100 gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Over the shoulder strap makes transportation hands free
    • Large compartment that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Great for incidents where field vacuum measurements are necessary
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  • Varian 536 Sensor KF16, NW16

    Agilent/Varian 536 Thermocouple Tube KF25, NW25 | L6141309



    The 536 Thermocouple Gauge Tube is a welded 304 stainless steel version of the 531 with KF25 flange and an additional baffle that greatly extends the sensor life.

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  • Agilent 536 Tube sold by DigiVac

    Agilent / Varian 536 Thermocouple gauge | L6141303 – Out of Stock



    Agilent/Varian 536 Thermocouple gauge tube L6141303

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  • DigiVac's Hard Case for Bullseye Preceision Gauge

    Hard Case for Bullseye Precision Gauge I Protective Case for the Bullseye



    Hard case for carrying the Bullseye Precision Gauge


    • Protects Bullseye Precision Gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Large compartment with foam insert that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Protects instrument investments


    *Gauge shown in image to the left to be purchased separately
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  • Dry-Ice Cooled Foreline Trap

    Dry-Ice Cooled Foreline Trap



    Dry-ice and alcohol is all that is needed to cool this cold trap to -100°C, thus trapping most volatile materials. Holding time is approximately 20 hours.


    • Ports for DIFT traps are offset
    • Inline configuration
    • 3 qt. cold bucket is easily removable and allows for viewing of alcohol/dry-ice level
    • Body of DIFT trap is stainless steel and electro polished


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  • Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland® 19 Rough Pump Oil



    Inland 19 is effective in those cases where operating temperatures are not a problem, especially in the lower speed belt-driven pumps. Providing the least backstreaming, Inland 19 is particularly well suited for use with the high grade diffusion pump fluids, such as the polyphenyl ethers, silicones, and ester-based fluids.


    • Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C: 3 x 10-5 torr
    • Boiling Point @ .01 Torr: 112 °C (234 degrees F)
    • Viscosity @ 40 °C: 54 cst (251 SUS)
    • Viscosity @ 100 °C: 8.1 cst (52.7 SUS)

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