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DigiVac Software

  • VPPM Profile Run

    Vapor Pressure Profile Manager (VPPM) – Software for Vapor Pressure Controller



    Vapor Pressure Profile Manager stores and manages different recipes that you need in order to run and complete a process with ease and efficiency.


    • View your vacuum system’s activity in real-time
    • Monitor the progress of your process by comparing actual vacuum to live pressure reading
    • Save your profile within the VPPM software for use in the future

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  • Logging app data to the DigiVac Cloud – SaaS

  allows you to view your vacuum pressure readings from anywhere in the world, all you need to do is sign in with your personalized gauge and customer ID!


    • Used as an extension of the Vacuum Gauge 2.0 app to better monitor your vacuum system
    • View your vacuum pressures from across the room, across the state, or even across the country!
    • New data is plotted every 10 seconds
    • Easily share your system’s pressures with your team by providing them with the gauge and customer ID. You will no longer need to share this information via email!


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  • Vacuum Gauge 2.0 - DigiVac Mobile App

    Vacuum Gauge | Smartphone app by DigiVac


    Vacuum Gauge, the new app from DigiVac, allows users to monitor, save and share Bluetooth Bullseye Vacuum Gauge data via smartphone or tablet.


    • Monitor your vacuum gauge right from your mobile device (Apple ios and android)
    • Set low and high alarm from your phone
    • Email vacuum data to document leaks, baseline pressure, pumpdowns and more

    Available in the Play StoreGet Vacuum Gauge In The App Store Today





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  • Multi-React4graphbumpy




    The DigiVac Multi-React software enables real vacuum analytics at the operator's finger tips


    • Tranforms any DigiVac vacuum controller equipped with Ethernet into a system analysis tool
    • Monitor up to 20 instruments on 1 pane of glass
    • Log, plot and print vacuum telemetry from different parts of vacuum process
    • Change set points, PID variables and logging parameters all from a console
    • Works with MKS and Setra capacitance manometers, Inficon Pirani 550, 750, MPG400 and CDG gauges, Pfeiffer PKR251, IKR251, Agilent 531 & 536 tubes in conjunction with a StrataVac controller


    Excellent for vacuum pump rebuilders for vacuum pump down curves, load lock process variable tracking, complex distillation setups and refining vacuum bagging techniques

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  • Desktop vacuum monitoring software

    DigiVac ReAct



    Vacuum monitoring software that is easy to use and understand! The DigiVac ReAct software works in any desktop browser, makes it easy to visualize and log as many as three vacuum sources.


    • Places vacuum reading data at the operator’s fingertips
    • Monitors the readings for one vacuum gauge
    • Log, plot and print vacuum telemetry from different parts of vacuum process


    Display Interfaces:

    • Graphs
    • Controls
    • Terminal



    • IP address that opens in a website browser and reaches the Applet
    • Software can be ping’ed from the desktop command line
    • Can monitor 3 different devices, but only permits one connection at a time
    • Works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer when using a Java plugin


    *No download required!

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  • DigiVacPlot Great Computer Software for Vacuum Readings

    DigiVac Plot



    This free software installs on Windows laptops and enables you to have a virtual view of your vacuum gauge from your computer.


    • Allows the current real time vacuum reading to be viewed on computer
    • Enables logging in Excel readable .csv file format with time & vacuum reading
    • Plots the vacuum vs. time information in linear and logarithmic formats for up to 48 hours
    • Print out graph of vacuum vs. time data
    • Allows you to print out data with adjustable intervals
    • Really easy to use
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