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How to get your VPC Up and Running

Hooking up Digivac VPC

DigiVac has expanded their product line to include controllers specifically geared to the Botanical Industry and those trying to extract material from plants. With this expanding industry there is a need and an opportunity to make certain parts of the extraction process easier.

Have you ever looked at vacuum equipment and thought to yourself “Where do I begin?’ “How do I hook this thing up?” Well, we have developed a controller that won’t have you asking those questions.

DigiVac’s Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC) is a simple and reliable gauge + controller that can easily be set up without instructions in 3 simple steps:

  1. With labelled connections for the hose barbs in the back, one for the system and the other for the vacuum pump, there won’t be questions about what goes where when setting up (video). 
  2. Once you plug in your power supply, your VPC is ready for use. A convenient addition is a USB connection that allows you to use free software to modify your ramp rates and time durations, but this software is not necessary to run the unit.
  3. Once the unit is ready for use you can now configure your set points (video) to your SOPs.

The front of the unit has two number displays, a larger one for your current vacuum and the smaller one for your set points. Once you have set your set points, turn on your vacuum pump and switch the VPC to ‘regulate’.” Upon reaching the appropriate pressure, the unit will begin to stabilize and maintain pressure at the set point.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, you have successfully completed stabilizing your vacuum pressure using your VPC.


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