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DigiVac @ ACS Spring 2024: New Orleans, LA!

The week following St. Patrick’s Day, DigiVac found ourselves at ACS Spring 2024 in New Orleans, LA – which couldn’t be more ideal for the theme of the meeting.  The theme was the Many Flavors of Chemistry, with a variety of topics that explored food and flavors, health and wellness, and diversity in materials.

Two of our team members attended it, exhibiting at Booth 2522 where we had a handful of our newest, as well as our most popular, products on display.  

Product Recap

In addition to the Fyra Vacuum and Temperature controller, our booth also featured a Fyra we modified to be able to retrofit and control freeze dryers, improving upon control for lyophilization processes.

At our ACS booth, we had a variety of products.  Two products we had on display in particular were features from some friends of ours, and they helped showcase how seamlessly DigiVac’s own products can be integrated into an already existing system.

These two products in particular were the Yamato DP43C vacuum oven, which was working in tandem with our Fyra Vacuum Temperature controller.  In addition to the Fyra, we also had our new Torch data logging program running to show how your entire process can be logged for data collection remotely.

On the other side of the booth, we had Across International’s SolventVap 2L Rotary Evaporator and our SNAP vacuum controller.  With the SNAP attached to the rotary evaporator, it lends itself to the automatic process control and recipe control for optimized processing.

Aside from those, we also had the Catalyst Kit, which is our on the go solution for tool validation and calibration.  It features our Bullseye DASH, one in our line of Bullseye vacuum gauges, which is compatible with a variety of sensors.

Then finally, we also had our Vort-X Vacuum Valve – a proportional control valve driven by patent-pending technology.  It offers precise multi-position and flow profile control by means of a linear stepper motor.


We had a fantastic experience at ACS Spring 2024, getting to meet a plethora of new people and showing everyone what DigiVac had to offer, and we look forward to going to more conferences!

Interested in attending ACS?  The society typically meets twice a year, with the next conference and exposition taking place in Fall.  It will be located in Denver, CO with the theme, Elevating Chemistry.

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