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StrataCapture - Software for Vacuum Data Logging

Strata Blog| Aerospace

Strata Blog | DigiVac captures how StrataCapture can aid in many applications and system performances through a series of interviews and testimonies 

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Secrets for Drying Fine Powders in a Vacuum oven

Many people come to find out that they have problems when it comes to vacuuming powder. Especially drying fine powder that tends to get puffed up and pulled into the vacuum pump flooding it.  With the pumps flooded this leads to an unfortunate problem, one you end up losing the powders you’re trying dry and two it isn’t the best for your pump either. 

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Custom Vacuum Solutions-Practical Application + Engineering Excellence

Custom Vacuum Solutions-Practical Application + Engineering Excellence A custom vacuum solution approach starts with a customer who has an engineering challenge in a specific, unique environment. By going to an OEM with a strong team of engineers, a customer can often get free advice initially, and, ultimately, the solution s/he needs. Often, though, research and product design engineers wrestle with an engineering challenge longer than necessary, which can often be costly in terms of system failure, downtime and loss of productivity. Why wait? The types of engineering challenges that come to an OEM are robust, otherwise the customer would have

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