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Stepper Motor Proportional Control Bellows Valve

The Patent

DigiVac just received a groundbreaking patent that commercializes the use of proportional control applied to a vacuum bellows valve.  The benefits of this approach to vacuum control are immense. Previously, there were valves that you could control big vessels with but were not precise. And there were precise proportional valves, but they were only good for controlling smaller vessels. 

DigiVac set-out to solve this problem in answer to a customer’s need for precise control of multiple vessels. This engineering effort yielded a valve that enables high flow, while maintaining precise control.  The Dinamo valve is behind the vacuum control of the SNAP, Dinamo with FYRA, and the award winning Concerto. This patent success was the result of partnership and teamwork. 

Let’s Dive Into What It Took To Get The Patented Dinamo Valve To Market

This was the customer problem: One of our industry partners, Across International, wanted to develop a vacuum controller that could precisely control 4 different vessels all with one pump.  The DigiVac engineering team realized that off the shelf solutions did not exist to solve the problem, but Digivac is the Home of Vacuum Engineering Excellence for a reason. We have a team of highly experienced engineers that made the dream of solving this problem come true.

The Team

  • Mr. Varshavsky, who conceived the possibility. 
  • Mr. Matthews, our Chief Engineer, who applied his extensive vacuum control knowledge to design the technical solutions for the flow paths that it required.  
  • Mr. Gentile, mechanical engineer, who took those innovative concepts to a design that could be manufactured and incorporated in complete vacuum control systems. 
  • Mr. Lewental, software engineer, who contributed to the concept, implemented a myriad of software iterations, completed testing and research and fine-tuning the solution.  
  • Mr. Bassi, Head of R&D, who managed the expectations of the project and used his extensive vacuum control and troubleshooting experience to bring the whole project to conclusion.  

The Technology

With any great innovation, the perseverance and dedication required to bring a serviceable solution over the finish line is no small feat. The balancing of all the channels with its 5 sensors, 8 proportional valves and the intricacies of the fluid dynamic and software interactions required a thoughtful, careful and methodical approach. 

Years of Experience and Innovation

We do want to make special mention of our resident free spirit and Chief Engineer, Tom Matthews who served as the spine of this project.  He was the voice of experience and reason that laid out the direction for this effort and the decisions that needed to be made in order to make it a commercial reality.  As with all great innovations for DigiVac, Tom generously brings his experience and brilliance to the table. 

Concerto Rear Panel Recipe Screen Rotary Evaporator and Chamber Vacuum Controller
Concerto Back
Concerto Home Screen Rotary Evaporator and Chamber Vacuum Controller
Concerto front

 We are so thankful and proud of our team for bringing everything together into a working, groundbreaking, amazing project that won the Pittcon new product showcase in 2020.