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Importance of Vacuum Control for Vacuum Ovens

Benefits of Vacuum Controllers for Vacuum Drying Processes

Benefits of Vacuum Control on Vacuum Ovens:

Vacuum ovens, in general, offer a more gentle way to dry things. Adding vacuum control (or vacuum oven controllers) builds on these vacuum drying advantages.

Vacuum control for a vacuum ovens is important because it:

  • Provides precise control to the drying process, enabling a more repeatable drying process and result
  • Slows down the initial pumpdown of a vacuum drying process, which helps to do two things:
    1. Ensure that lighter materials are not sucked into the vacuum pump
    2. Ensure that more delicate materials are not put under undo molecular stress
  • Enables the removal of specific target components, while leaving other components alone; for example, during residual solvent evaporation, different solvents boil off at different boiling points

Advanced drying techniques typically employ different recipes of both temperature and pressure set points.

VPPM software combined with the Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC) allows you to set up a profile for your vacuum system, determining when it holds pressure or ramps up/down. Additionally, this software allows you to set a timeframe, in seconds, of how long each case occurs.

For multiple vacuum oven control with one vacuum controller consider the Concerto. The Concerto vacuum controller can control up to 4 vacuum ovens with one pump. We would recommend the IDP15 for controlling multiple vacuum ovens with the Concerto.

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